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Folder Name As String


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Is there a simple way to get just the folder name without the entire path? E.g., from "\\server\share\dir1\dir2" get simply "dir2". I am currently setting string by browsing to folder and then deleting text but if the directory tree above changes this wont work. I'm thinking I must be missing something simple here.

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I'm sorry, I must be dense. If I use "Variable set string from folder name" and browse to "\\server\share\dir1\dir2" and stick that in T1 then do the "Variable Set From File Path" and choose the path tick box on the right I get ""\\server\share\dir1\" but what I want is "dir2". What am I missing? Thanks!



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(said like Beavis) Yes Yes Yes!!!!! That rules!!!


Thanks! I'm always missing the obvious. I just assumed since there was no file name that it wouldn't apply. Just in time too, I was just wrapping this up.

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