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Short version: When setting a string from folder name it always defaults to "My Computer" in the dialog box. Is there a way to make it start from a specific folder or remember it's last folder it browsed to?


Longer version: I am setting a string from a folder name by prompting the user to browse to it. The Macro is a loop that will repeat many times. My problem is that the path the user wants to start I is way down the tree on a network share and the dialog box always opens to “My Computer” causing the user to click down thru several levels of directories. How can I eliminate this? Maybe there is another way for a user to select a folder in a certain directory.


Sorry for so many posts.

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It depends on whether you are prompting for a folder or a filename. The Variable Set String %T1% from Folder Name does not have a way to select which folder to start in. But, the Variable Set String %T1% from File Name does.


To do this just set the variable that the Variable Set String from File Name will use to a value prior to the Variable Set String from File Name. Like this:

Variable Set String %T1% "e:\temp"
Variable Set String %T1% from File Name

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Alternatively, try this vbs script; puts multiple selections of folders and/ or files from multiple folders if needed into a file for selection (eg FTP?)


Lets you pick initial directory.


(PS Hey - First time I have a thumbnail to click a picture; by accident, now I can't do it! -How is it done?


EDIT -sorry; corrected (missing registry entry for transfer) - uploaded again


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I eventually created my own simple picker. The user types in the first three characters and it give a multiple choice dialog box that they can select from. Works super fast and slick. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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