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Macro to run once at the start of the macro then never again ( even when started again )


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I'll try explain.


I've a macro done, It's for a shift report for about 30 members of staff.


The only thing I want the person to enter is there name.


I want them to enter there name once when the macro is run for the very 1st time on there PC. Once they run it the 1st time there have to enter there name and it's stored in a variable like %T1%


So the next time they run the macro he doesn't ask them for there name. It will just know it's there.


There is other info in the macro not just there name lol. But I dont ant them to have to enter it every time they run it.


Anything i can do ?

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I have a macro that does this. When it runs it looks in the registry for a name. If it is not found, it asks the user for the name and stores it in the registry. This feature runs at the beginning of a macro that they use anyway. If you save the name in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER area of the registry it will be unique for each user that logs on to a computer.


Another idea would be to get the name of the logged on user from Windows using the Variable Set From Misc/Set Variable %T1% to "Username" command.

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