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Does Me work with Windows 7


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All the computers in the office just got upgraded to Win 7 from Win Xp.


I tried to run my normal macro set but it doesn't work.


I get this error.


Macro Express Player - Range check error  0x00617845
Report: #00002 - 12/07/2011 11:30:17

Reported by: Unknown

Platform: Windows 7  Windows 6.01.7601 Service Pack 1
Memory: Total Physical: 3966 MB  Starting Available: 2452 MB  Ending Available: 2431 MB

Program: Macro Express Player v

Error Type: ERangeError
Message: Range check error
Address: 0x00617845

Steps to Reproduce or What was Happening:

Call Stack:
 (001594F5) [0055A4F5]
 (00216840) [00617840]
 (001593C9) [0055A3C9]
 (002AD792) [006AE792]
 (0028A0AA) [0068B0AA]
 (0016F4CC) [005704CC]
 (0016FB82) [00570B82]
 (00065AC1) [00466AC1]
 (00072ABF) [00473ABF]
 (00216840) [00617840]
 (000042C5) [004052C5]
 (00216840) [00617840]
 (000042C5) [004052C5]
 (00216840) [00617840]
 (00002062) [00403062]
 (00216840) [00617840]
 (0028998D) [0068A98D]
 (0006F373) [00470373]
 (0007335B) [0047435B]
 (0001E5D4) [0041F5D4]
 (00035408) [00436408]
 (00072A84) [00473A84]
 (00072A99) [00473A99]
 (0007335B) [0047435B]
 (0005D803) [0045E803]
 (00072A84) [00473A84]
 (0002910C) [0042A10C]
 (00283C1D) [00684C1D]
 (0006A772) [0046B772]
 (0006566C) [0046666C]
 (000656A6) [004666A6]
 (0006599B) [0046699B]
 (002B3582) [006B4582]

   ---------------< ISS Bug Reporter v >---------------

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