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Wait for Window to exist (but not in foreground)


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I've used Macro Express for a few years now, and am looking for way to detect whether a window has appeared but not as an active window. For example, the macro opens a program, an update pop-up comes up (from some random program) and takes the foreground so the window title for the program appears in the background. The wait for window command will continue to wait endlessly; is there an option to wait for the title to appear in the list of windows running?

Maybe my mind skipped over the obvious but I couldn't find one after going through the help files several times.

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No one has some experience with this issue? I ran a search on this forum and google and there aren't other posts addressing it.

I've found a workaround solution - to loop until "Is Window Running?" returns true. Not very elegant though. If anyone knows a simpler way, I would be interested to know.

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Congratulations on finding a workaround. Your solution is about as elegant as you are likely to get using Macro Express.


Every scripting language has strengths and limitations. Exploiting the strengths and working within the limitations takes skill, which only comes with time and practice.

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