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Run Macros via Index Number?

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Not to my knowledge.


How about you create a seperate macro that you simply pass a varaible in the command line as a parameter. Then your macro could take that varaible and execute the macro you desire?

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My suggestion is a work-around and does not involve index numbers. There is no way to execute by the numbers.


I am not familiar with Keypad Pro other than it allows one to command a bit of server software on your Windows PC. You say it’s limited to 11 which is useless to me since I have no idea how it commands. But to play along one could have a macro that takes in a varirable then executes the macro associated to that variable.


So if I wanted to execute the macro “I am a very long named macro one” I would execute this:


"C:\Program Files\Macro Express Pro\MeProc.exe" /AKeypadPro /VMacro:1


In the macro “KeypadPro” the variable “Macro” would be set to “1” on launch. Then in the macro I would have a conditional statement to execute “I am a very long named macro one”


And then the next button 2 to execute “I am a very long named macro two”


"C:\Program Files\Macro Express Pro\MeProc.exe" /AKeypad /VMacro:2


Note: MeProc.exe is a smarter way to launch macros from a command line when MEP is already open. Read the help file on it for more.

Slash A executes the macro


Read about command line parameters in the “Command Line Parameters” section of the help file.


But you think about being limited to 11 keystrokes mystifies me so maybe I’m way off base here. Perhaps you could explain it more in detail?


You know in thinking on it more I can’t imagine that any application like Keypad Pro doesn’t have the ability to launch an application. So couldn’t you just do this:

"C:\Program Files\Macro Express Pro\MeProc.exe" /A I am a very long named macro one

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Thanks Cory so far. :rolleyes: As iPads are widely used i would like to elaborate on the two apps which allow to define your own Keyboard Layouts.


Those are Keypad Pro and Custom Keypad


Both are limited to sending Keystrokes and Mousemovements to the PC. They do this pretty fast (latencyfree) via using a VNC Server. As the buttons are sizeable, colourable and you can give those a name or even an icon it´s tempting to start some macros of those. The 2 apps can not launch applicatons nor execute commandlines!


So i thought of the following solutions if it comes to triggering new or existing macros. The solutions differ in speed and flexibilty.


1. Every Appbutton sends a different keycombination. For such keycombination a macro is defined.

2. Like 1 but the only macro command is Run Macro "XYZ"

3. Appbutton sends a keycombination and a text after it. It starts a macro where the macro has a "Set Stringvariable from prompt" as the first command. The Keypad types a name of an macro in which is executed via a Run Macro: - command.


1 is not very flexible and you have to find a free keycommand. But the macro will be executed as fast as started from the PC-keyboard.

2 Here you can easily change which macro is executed. It is almost as fast as 1. But you also need free keycombination for every button!

3 does only need one global keycommand. The macro is specified through the text input delivered from the keypad. This will slow down the start of the macro. Also Custom Keypad is limited to 11 steps (keystrokes. Clipboard is not supported) and it is really painful to program those steps.


Those are the best ideas i came up so far.


Thank You


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Just tried it.


Well that is a great idea! A clever workaround bypassing the limits of those apps. So i can run any macro by just sending a few keystrokes!


I thought shortkeys only work in a window where you can actually type. But this does not seem to be true. They work always. You just have to make sure that your typing does not cause any conflicts in the active window, right?


Thank You very much


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