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waiting for alternate keypress (if keypress..)


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I'd like to be able to have a "wait" command that would do one thing if one key is pressed and a different thing if a different key is pressed (there would only be two keys possible, and they can't be alphanumeric because this is right after the uses enters some data -- like it could be Enter or Tab). I don't see anything like that, so I suspect it's not possible. Enter will produce an action in the program into which we're entering data (an action we want to produce), and Tab won't. Sort of a continue yes/no? thing.


Or is there something I don't see that would be the equivalent of "if keypress equals..."?



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ME v3 doesn't support this at all. Neither does MEP, except that it can provide the structure to allow such a facility to be developed (I have constructed exactly what you're after in MEP - it runs to 39 macros (1 macro for each keypress I potentially want to be able to monitor - all of which are identical except for the keystroke they detect - and 3 control macros).

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Thanks, I didn't think there was something like that.


I might be able to do a menu of choices earlier in the macro, and then the result variable from that menu would govern what happens when the user presses Enter at the end; after the Enter keypress, I'd have "if variable blabla = such-and-such, then .... " etc. Actually that way I could have more options with what the macro does in general.

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