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Need help creating a macro

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all rights so here's the story. I used a mod for mine craft that had auto run and jump built-in the game because I have muscular dystrophy and control everything with my voice. Everything was working fine until the online server I play on decided to use a new add-on that completely stops all other modification from working.So Now I have this program and am trying to re-create what it did for me in the game But I am having trouble making macros. Basically what I needed to do is when I press a button on the keyboard, it has to hold down the W button, and then when I press it again, it has to stop. Same goes for jumping. It needs to hold this space bar button, and then when I want to stop, just press it again and it will stop.


Is this possible?

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As you described I don’t believe so. MEP has the ability to hold certain function keys like Shift but not letters. But here’s the thing... I don’t think any program can. If you press and hold a letter on the keyboard the keyboard simply sends the keystroke to the computer over and over again after a typematic delay. So maybe you could just have it type W in a loop with a short delay and have the same effect. Just realize you could overflow the keyboard buffer.


You might also check out the SendKeys method in VBScript. Though I suspect you will find the same issue there.

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Sounds like it's an 'on-line' game. I find that scripting websites is a pain.... Do the run and the jump commands HAVE TO come from a key press??? Is there an on-screen clickable button that could be "held down?"

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