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Get control return TRASH in Excel 2010 - win7 64bit


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A GET CONTROL ( in EXCEL 2010 ) [ windows 7 / 64 bit ] will return some trash / Unknown caracters in the instruction.


For exemple, Get Control on the ZONE NAME in excel 2010 will have:


=> see problem just after: <GETCONTROL2P:04:


<GETCONTROL2P:04:Ä8:XLMAINMicrosoft Excel003:15EXCEL;1ComboBox1Edit>


and the get control DONT works when trying to use it...



Then, I CHANGEND MANUALLY the instruction ( replace Ä8 by EXCEL.EXE ) , like this:


<GETCONTROL2P:04:EXCEL.EXE:XLMAINMicrosoft Excel003:15EXCEL;1ComboBox1Edit>


and NOW IT WORKS now !


This change was quite easy to guess... but depend case... you can spend a lot of time to find out what exactly the text to replace with !



So, my questions are is :

1)Is there any solution to FIX this problem... and get the CORRECT information in the get control ?

2) I supposed this is an operating system problem ? or , does this could be a macro express 3 problem ?


Any solution to try is welcome...


Tks to repply. James



EDIT: 1.nov.2011 => I think it's a general problem with Windows 7 and Me3 ...because I have found same problems trying to catch control from explorer in w7 !

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