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Font display problem

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I am running Windows 7. Among my fonts, I have a font called "Terminal," which includes certain "console" characters not available in other fonts. When I use this font in Notepad, for instance, I can call up program-internal helpscreens that were designed to display in a DOS window, and all characters display correctly in Notepad / Windows.


The font is properly installed, as far as I can see. Without using this font, the text display items become garbled and unusable on the Windows side.


I made a macro to read in this set of helpfiles and then displaying the contents in a text box. In the text box, I have indicated "Terminal" to be used as the display font. Yet, the font does not display. What could possibly be the problem?? Without solving this issue, the macro becomes unappealing, as I do not want to launch Notepad in order to display the help file contents - I just want a text box that closes when I click OK.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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This is really a support issue, read the form sticky and pose your problem to ISS.


The only slight bit of advice I can offer is that there are other mono-spaced fonts like Courier you could try.

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