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The "Variable Set Handle" command looks like a promising way to identify windows, but I cannot figure out what to do with the variable after it has been captured. Can anybody give an example?


In other words, once I have done this...


Variable Set Handle %HandleTest% from a window with the title, "- Microsoft Word"


... what MEP commands can I use to act upon that window?

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The only time I used this command was to help identify windows with the same title. Outlook for example you can have multiple messages with the same subject that appear to have the same title. But I seem to recall there was still a problem with that. Like you could repeat with windows and find your window again but if you went to activate that window one could only do it by title and MEP would always pick the first one which might not be the one you wanted. My recollection is vague but I seem to remember being excited that it was a solution then being disappointed. We had a discussion about it but I'm not sure if that was in the main forum or the beta forum. Just search around. Oh Here's one of the convos.

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