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Can Macro Determine That Key Came From Rename Box


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Situation. The user is on file or directory name inside a Windows Explorer directory window. He keys F2, shift right, rename, or file. rename, and Windows opens up a rename box for him to type the new name.


Is there any way for a ME macro to distinguish between keystrokes done inside the rename box from keystrokes done outside that box but within Windows Explorer?


I tried using Capture Window Control to see if the rename box is an accessible control. I found out that when you activate the Capture control box, the Windows Explorer rename box closes.

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I launched the Windows Task Manager just before renaming a file to see if there is anything that may be trapped that the Repeat with Processes command could grab. Nothing new appeared in the Task Manager pane. If there is a way to trap for this, it is beyond me ... as are plenty of other subjects. B)

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