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I need a code to mouse move some where

then mouse move again,click until pixel changes,or pixel color shows up.

then mouse move back to the original spot the macro started

and can some one please tell me how to ignore all mouse movements during a macro?


your help is greatly appreciated I have the variable part but if you want to help me include it in your help please




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To save the mouse position:

Variable Set Integer %X%: Set to the Mouse X Coordinate
Variable Set Integer %Y%: Set to the Mouse Y Coordinate

To get the color of the pixel under the mouse use:

Get Pixel Color from Beneath the Mouse into Color

You can also get the color of a pixel without moving the mouse:

Get Pixel Color at (125, 257) Relative to Current Window into Color

To move the mouse back to the original location use:

Mouse Move: %X%, %Y% Relative to Screen

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