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Web Site not giving focus to Iexplorer

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I recently had to do a clean re-install of my Vista system and now have an issue. Previously I had a macro open up my online banking site using the 'Web Site' command, which would open up Internet Explorer then fill my details in to logon.


After the clean install, when I run the macro, Intenet Explorer remains flashing in the taskbar rather than taking focus and allowing text entry.


I doubt if this is a bug, so I thought I would try here to see if others have come across this issue and know of a workaround. I know I could use 'Launch ...' etc, but why has this stopped working?

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Are you using the option to wait for the page to load? Often what happens is that there's a delay and the text is typed before the web browser is ready. Also do you know if the window is focused?

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