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hot to make it try again if window doesn’t apear


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Hello I have a macro that uses the wait for window to appear command and often the window doesn’t ever appear so the macro times out

I need it to just start over if the window doesn’t appear

but I can't find any options on that command for failures

In ME3 you will have to handle this yourself.

Your code will follow this logic:

Repeat until %n1% <> %n1% (i.e. for ever)
 Launch program that opens your target window
 Set %n1% to 0 (just in case this variable has already been set to other than 0)
 Repeat 10 times
If target window is present
  set %n1% = 1
  Repeat exit
  delay 2 seconds
End if
 End repeat
 If %n1% = 1
Repeat exit
 End if
End repeat


- Each "wait for window" set of commands (the inner repeat loop) will wait for up to 20 seconds - you can vary this as you like.

- You need to determine how long to allow the outer loop to run before giving up - follow the same technique as for the inner repeat loop.

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