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Activating macros with your voice

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This can be done using Dragon Naturally Speaking. If you don´t use DNS Professional which has already scripting options you can install the Addon Vocola which provides a lot of those scripting tools.


It´s easy to let Vocola "type" hotkeys and trigger macros that way. But it also offers a ShellExecute Command (with arguments) which seems to be perfect to trigger macros without the need to assign a hotkey but by using the known commandline:


"c:\program files\Macro Express3\MeProc.exe" /AName of macro


Unfortunately i still haven´t figured out how to spell this command 100% correctly. So if anyone of you uses DNS and would like to aktivate some macros via voice i would love to go the way with you! :wub:


Thank You


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Thanks Alan,


i found this pages before but could not find the info with the short path name. Instead on this page below (scroll to end) the long name is used, which does not work for me, as mentioned above. Maybe it worked for older DNS versions. I use 11.5 Premium. I think of switching to Professional as it has more options apart from scripting.





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