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Activation (or lack of it) on Window Opened

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I'm back to gripe again about the darned unreliability of this activation option.


I've reported it over years to Insight, but no improvement has been made as far as I can see. From the previous discussions here I know I'm not the only sufferer, but I'm surprised I don't see more complaints about it. Maybe the problem is rarer (or absent) on most other XP users' systems? Even on mine it doesn't occur on every use of that activation method, but enough to be a major irritation.


For example, this one-line macro


Window Move and Size: Move "INFREQUENT USAGE" to (255,103) and size to 1320 x 856


is set to be activated by 'Window is opened'. That did work for a few days, but for the last week it hasn't.


I've had to change it to 'Window gains focus', which is far less satisfactory as that runs every time I use the window, rather than just the first time I open it.


(BTW, it doesn't size and position the specified Explorer window when it first opens! Shouldn't it? Surely that also gives it focus?)


@Paul: I don't suppose you have an AutoIt script example to do this reliably please? I did start my AutoIt learning a couple of months ago, but other projects and events halted me before I got very far.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I hadn't considered this in some time but is it possible some latency is causing the miss? I know with other macros I had things that appeared not to work but when I enabled debug logging I found the macro was activating. My problem was that the object wasn't ready for input yet. I'm thinking that in your case there might be a delay in the time that the window technically exists and when it's ready to be moved. I'm sure you've already tried adding a delay but I thought I would toss it out there just in case.

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Thanks Cory. Yep, I've tried various delays but still no truly reliable result. I'm guessing it's some sort of timing conflict that arises only in certain circumstances. Closely watching for the running man, it's clear that the macro often doesn't get triggered. That happens on rare occasions too when I use the Focus option, but mainly with Opened.



Terry, UK

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