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Hello. I am new to this forum and I really need help with this macro on macro express.


Im trying to create a macro which finds a specific word on a web page.


If the word is found I want it to open another macro which I have made.


However, what I have done doesnt work as such.




Here's what I have:


Activate Window. "Windows Internet Explorer"


Then I want to click edit at the top of the web page. Select All


Clipboard Copy


Variable Set String %T1% from Clipboard


If Variable %T1% contains "word"


Macro Run: The "word" was found


End If



I cant get the macro to find a word on a web page and then open another macro which I have.


Should I use If Control %C1% ( %C1 being word, for example. ) Visible or If Variable %T1% contains "word"



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I managed to complete this macro without having to use a variable. In the end, I decided to use If Clipboard rather than If Variable or If Control.


<ACTIVATE2:word - Windows Internet Explorer><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:word - Windows Internet Explorer><SPEED:00001><MMS2:57,69><LDN><LUP><MSD:1295><MMS2:69,142><LDN><LUP><CLIPC><IFOTH2:16:1:word.><MACRUN2:word.><ENDIF>



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