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Hello. My company is using version currently. With this version, is there a way to have a macro move a window from one monitor to the other?


Anything we've tried has just resulted in the window stopping along the right edge of the first monitor.



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First you should contact your company or team Macro Express SME, or if you don't have one in your department try to find one in another department of the company that can help you. If the position of the window is a problem I'm sure they will be more than happy to resolve the issue for you. There is a very simple way using integers and window reposition.

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I have the same problem as IceBox although I'm running v3.9a. It did the same thing in the previous version too. I can set the coordinates to position any prompt on the secondary monitor and I can even drag the prompt to the 2nd monitor when building my macro. However, when the macro runs, it simply stops at the edge of the primary monitor screen. This happens with Display Texbox, Set Variable String - Prompt for Value and If Message at a minimum.


Any help would be appreciated

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