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It sound easy task but yet im have difficulty to get script ME to work. I open a web site and i need to find certain word inside that web site and copy it to excel. On manual work i can just go to menu and click on edit find and type te word but on the ME i cant get to click on the menu-edit or even use wimdows shortcut crtl+F.

Can someone please help me figure out how can capture or use keyboard key to excute this command!

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You may be sending incorrect key sequences. For example, if you want Ctrl + f, use this:




Not this (which is equivalent to Ctrl + Shift + f):




In other words, case matters.


You may need timed delays between steps.


You might also find it helpful to know about a certain feature in IE and Firefox. Pressing F7 toggles "Caret Browsing." It may be easier to navigate and select text in this mode, as it exposes a cursor that responds to directional keys such as like Shift + right (select one character to the right), Shift + End (select to the end of the line), and Shift + Ctrl + End (select to the end of the page),

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I'm trying to do something very similar. Basically I would like it to open a site, prompt for input of a 5 digit number and then have ME find it on the site and scrap the data around it and paste it into a text box for displaying. I would like it to do this without opening the webpage fully, if it can do it hidden or perhaps minimized would be best. This is far as I've gotten so far.


<CLEARVAR1:T:ALL><TVAR2:01:02:FEnter 5 Digit numberFFCenter:Center><HTTP2:1:T:http://bob/main/officeListingServlet?country=USA&state=state_all&div=select_all&next=USCA_LIST&search_type=USCA&country_list=USA&state_list=state_all&div_list=select_all><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL>f><MSD:0150><TEXTTYPE:%T1%>

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