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Hi All :lol:


I have recently started using macro express and though I am still a novice at opperating the software, the features the software offers is already assisting me.


The question I have is as follow


Can macro express allow me to trasfer data from data fields on a web page (php) to a local software on my computer



I recieve a large number of data forms on the web interface with fields such as:


Name: Peter

Date of Birth: 23/06/1982

Account no: 1234


My software has the same field setup so that I can easily manualy transfer data via copy&paste from the web site to the software data fields. I want to basically copy the same repetitive fields for each data form onto the software's data form on my pc. The reason being it takes allot of time to transfer each field over to the softwares data fields, for this has to be done for each data form per account.


Thank you all for the support, If I can mannage the above it will save me allot of time, which I would be so gratefull for.


Kind Regards

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