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Stop Macro A - Run Macro B

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Hi all,

and thanks again for help me out in the past.

I have search in the forum but couldn't find the answer...

I'm trying to set a schedule that will stop any macro that is running in that moment and start another one.

Beside the schedule time I cannot find the way to stop the macro (without me pressing the "Macro A abort" button and "macro B resume" button).

Any help on this one?


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There is no command to stop another macro. The best method of stopping a macro as you suggest is to have it stop itself. IE have it monitor for some external clue to stop. In the past I have written complex macros that ran on multiple machines at the same time. I had another macro that controlled them all and I did this by using a network INI file. When I wanted them to all ceases I changed one of the parameters to "Stop" and on the next iteration they would check and see I wanted them to stop and do so.


There is no way to get a list of running macros either. The best way to do this is to have your macros all record someplace when they start and when they end. EG an INI file or Registry value for each macro where the macro would change the value to 1 when running and zero when done. Now you can review that with another macro at any time to see which are running.

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