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if pixel color in a raw is ...


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hi all, i'm a newbie of this forum and also on macro express programming.

I'm trying to get a macro which check for a pixel color in a row (known x position then) and clicks when he finds that color on it.


variable = myneededcolor

move mouse x-position from 300 to 900 (relative to active window)

if pixel color is = myneededcolor

stop mouse

left mouse click


move mouse "x1" position from 300 to 900 (another row)


is that possible?

Thx to all anyway :)

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Yes, it's possible. In pseudo code, the script might look something like this:


N1 = Width of Window

N2 = 0 // Initial X value

N3 = 100 // Y value of the row you want to search

N4 = 12345678 // Colour of target pixel


Repeat N1 times

Move Mouse Cursor to (N2, N3)

N5 = Pixel Colour Under the Mouse Cursor


If N5 = N4

// Found!

Mouse Left Click

Stop Macro



// Not found

N2 = N2 + 1


End If


Repeat End

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thx for that script, now mouse moves right, but no click happens also over the right pixel color...

maybe is too difficult to find the right vertical row with that color!

Is it possible to set this script to find that pixel in a little box instead of a vertical row?

or also find a link (<IFMOUSE:19> cursor hand) in that box it will be suitable i think, thx for help again!!!

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i'm trying this way:


Macro Playback Speed: Normal Speed

Delay 1 Seconds

Variable Set Integer %N1% to 200

Variable Set Integer %N2% to 650

Variable Set Integer %N3% to 837

Repeat with Variable using %N1%

Mouse Move Screen %N2%, %N3%

If Mouse Cursor is Hand Point

Mouse Left Button Click

Macro Stop


Variable Modify Integer: %N2% = %N2% + 1

End If

Repeat End


but no click happens too :(

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