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A program I am using at work requires the use of the Pause-Break key to bring up a blank screen in the window. I'm trying to program that key stroke into a macro.




I did find the Pause key listed within the Text Type command under Misc Keys. However, when I use that command it is not reacting the same as when I manually press that key outside of Macro Express. When I search for help, I can only find information about using that key as a command to stop a macro.


Any suggestions?

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1. Test whether Macro Express is seeing the hotkey by checking whether the "running man" icon appears when you run the macro.


2. How are you triggering the hotkey that sends the Pause key? If it's a hotkey that involves one or more modifier key (Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or Win-logo), it's possible that you are inadvertently sending the modifier key + Pause. For example, if the macro is activated by pressing Ctrl + Q, then you are not sending Pause; you are sending Ctrl + Pause. Solution: chose a hotkey without a modifer, e.g., F12, Insert, Esc, etc.


3. Check whether Pause is assigned as a Macro Express hotkey. If it is, you have a conflict, and you should change the ME hotkey.

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