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Years of Timing Issues Over

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Years of Timing Issues Over


I him and used macro express Pro over the years. It seems I usually give up when timing issues drive me up a wall and then put it back on the shelf.


The editor that I was using to manipulate data was ultra edit. I just switched to Boxer and have ended up with absolutely no timing issues.


I have not a clue as for the reason but more than happy to take the results.



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Hi does your task involve copying data from Word or other Rich Text program? Or maybe copying from a live web page? If you then paste this formatted data into a text editor, it may lead to unexpected delays. Some editors have a "paste as plain text" option which should make things faster. Other editors like Notepad++ just discard all formatting and will automatically paste as plain text. I don't use Ultra Edit nor Boxer, so I can't comment on them

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