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Can a macro run while PC is locked ?


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I my macro to run while my PC is locked as the task i need it to do is when i'm out of the office, and i can't leave the PC unlocked for security reasons.


It's Win 7 Enterprise


I know how to set the schedule. But it doesn't seem to run the macro when locked.


So is there a way to change this ?


Or is there a way for the Macro express to unlock my PC and do what I need and then lock it again.


I know this sounds strange but it's needed.



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Some macro commands work when the PC is locked, but many don't.


I have solved this problem in the past as follows:

- Using the windows scheduler, I start a task at a specified time that writes 2 values to the registry and reboots the computer; the 2 registry values allow the computer to boot without soliciting a user or password

- When Macro Express starts, it detects the 2 registry values and immediately restores them so that the next boot will require the usual credentials; it then runs whatever macro(s) you require, and reboots the machine once the macros have finished

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