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Can ME be used in VirtualBox?

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I have a Linux box (Debian dist.). I would like to be able to run my ME Pro on it using VirtualBox with a Windows 7 virtual system. ME runs, but none of the activation options work.

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I run MEP often on VMs but all with Windows hosts so I can't say for certain but I should think it would work. I know people that run it on VMWare but not sure which host OS but I'll ask. But make sure your activation events are happening within the VM, not in the host machine. People are often confused about that with VMs and Remote Desktop. So are you saying that a HotKey activation within the VM will not activate a macro? Seems incredible.

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I checked and my buddy is running VMWare on ESXi host. ESXi is a baremetal system so it's not Linux but I believe the kernel is based on Linux.Though as I understand it there's no real OS running in the conventional sense. The whole system is designed simply to be a host for VMware VMs. But at least I can say that MEP can run in a VM hosted on a non-OS system. And all the messages and all that which MEP relies on should be present in your VM. After all VMs were originally designed to develop and test software and hardware so they need to be, well, virtually the same!

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