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First off I'd like to apoligise if this has been answered before, but an hours google search came up with nothing.


I am writing a macro to imrpove some instrumentaton in my lab (postgrad) and I need it to do the following basically,


Run experiment (data is saved as Scan.txt)

Take saved data and append the filename with a "1" e.g. Scan1.txt

Run experiment again (new data set saved)

Take saved data and append the filename with a "2" e.g. Scan2.txt



for about 100 iterations. I think my limited experience is good enough to complete the macro except for the writing of filenames. What I have so far is something along the lines of :-


variable N1 is the iteration variable



Repeat (Repeat 100 times)

Run experiment

Renamefile "Scan.txt" to "Scan + %N1% .txt"

End repeat


Thats basically all I need however the code needed for line 3 is completely lost on me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Shane,


Although I'm no expert on this, I think that your problem is that the program sees N1 as a number, not as text. I did a little test myself, and could not get it to work as a number, but this did work.


Before the rename step, insert this step:


Variable Set String T1, choose Set Value Now, and for the value, put %N1%.


Then change your rename step to use %T1% instead of %N1% (and lose the plus sign so it reads Scan%T1%.txt)


This should do it for you.




edit: you may need to add a delay, or some query where it checks if the scan.txt file has been created. Otherwise, while the experiment is still running, the macro will move on and try to rename a file that isn't there yet.

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If I understand your message correctly, you need %N1% to increment by 1 each time you use it. You can do this directly in the Repeat statement itself (you'll see something like "store the counter into a variable"), or by including the statement "Variable Modify Integer %n1%: Increment" within the Repeat loop.

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