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Command to prevent a macro from running if another macro is running

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When I installed macro express pro it asked if I wanted it to insert commands into my macros to keep them from running more than 1 macro at a time. It also indicated those commands could be added later. I've got a couple of macros that I need to run only one macro at a time, but I can't find anything on the commands necessary to make that happen. I've searched help and nothing come up.


What are the commands to keep a macro from running if another macro is already running?



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I don't know the answer to that but it would take about 1 minute to create a macro to test. But I would think that it would not remain locked.


Personally I never lock the player. It's my understanding that this was effectively a fix for old converted macros. I've never had an instance where one couldn't avoid this command by proper macro design.

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I've got a buggy program that causes macro express to lock up for some reason when macro express interacts with it and the lock player option is the only thing that fixed the problem. I haven't needed the lock player option for any of my other 200 macros so I tend to agree with you in general, I just hit an exception with this buggy program.

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