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I need to create a Macro that prompts for an office number, and when the office number is given, it checks against a CSV file to see if that office is listed. If listed it returns a message on the screen of "VERIFIED" and if not's found in the file, returns a separate message of "UNVERIFIED". The problem I'm having is it checks against the file, but it returns both VERIFIED and UNVERIFIED messages even the office numbers are listed. Here's a copy of the code.


<CLEARVAR1:T:ALL><TVAR2:01:02:FEnter 5 Digit Branch NumberFFCenter:Center><BTFBEG:002:000001:000000:C:\Test.csv><IFVAR2:4:02:1:T1><TBOX4:T:4:CenterCenter000278000200:000:DIAVERIFIED><ENDIF><IFVAR2:4:02:8:T1><TBOX4:T:4:CenterCenter000278000200:000:NO DIAUNVERIFIED><ENDIF><BTFEND>

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Thanks. It kinda worked. So the CSV file has in the first column about 300 cells filled with information. I just need to do a check against that CSV file to see if the data entered from prompt (%T1%) is anywhere in that column. And if so display "Verified" and if not, display "NOT Verified". Unfortunately it's only reading the last cell that has data and putting that into variable %T2%. I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly at all, I'm just kind of playing around to see if it is actually possible.


Thanks for the help!!

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I GOT IT!! :) So here's the final code that got it to work!


Clear Text Variables: All

Variable Set String %T1% from Prompt

Text File Begin Process: "Test.csv"

If Variable %T2% Contains %T1%


End If

Text File End Process

If Variable %T1% = variable %T2%

Text Box Display: DIA

End If

If Variable %T2 does not contain variable %T1%

Text Box Display: NO DIA

End If

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