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A way to get system uptime using Macro Express?

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When I create a macro with nothing but "alt-tab" in it, the script it generates is as follows:




<MOUSE MOVE Option ="\x01" X="195" _PROMPT="0x000A" />




So, where's alt/tab?????

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Hi, you can launch the built-in Windows util systeminfo.exe and capture the output in a variable. However, this util can be slow because it tries to gather a lot of other info about your system. Also it only shows "System Boot Time", so you'd have to parse through a lot of other info and also perform additional calculations to determine uptime. On the plus side, systeminfo.exe is installed on every Windows PC (since Win XP I believe), and you do not have to specify its exact location since it resides in the default Windows path.


An easier method would be to use the uptime.exe utility which you can get for free at http://uptimeexe.codeplex.com/


It's a command-line util which does not have to be installed. Just copy it to anywhere. It runs in a split second and will report your boot time and also your uptime. I've written a script that parses the info from uptime.exe into separate variables. You can add additional logic for your purposes.




System Uptime for TsunamiZ.mex


May I suggest to add a way to get system uptime? I want to make a macro that doesn't run unless a certain amount of system uptime has elapsed.


BTW: I use Windows 7.

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