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I've been trying to develop some macros for use in two different environments where the drive letters and folder structure varies. It seems that many of the commands I need require locations to be hardcoded into the command such as for "Repeat with Folder" or launch program.


Ideally I would set the top level path in a string variable, create other string variables by relative addressing and then only use those string variables in the remainder of the programme.


1. Is there a list of commands that require hard-coded or literal constants?


2. What is the best way to circumvent this problem.



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I don't know the answer to Q1. maybe others....


The workaround I use is to set the base path at the beginning of each macro depending on machine name (for which there is a variable set from.. command). This makes it "portable", which I presume is your requirement; then parse as you need as per previous topic;

path parsing

Best, Randall

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Welcome to the group robert-hk!


The Repeat with Folder command uses either string variables or literals. If, for example, one environment was C:\Enviroment1\FolderX and another was Z:\Environment2\FolderY, you could set:


%T1% = "C:\Enviroment1"

%T2% = "FolderX"


when you need the first environment and set:


%T1% = "Z:\Enviroment2"

%T2% = "FolderY"


when you need the second environment. The Folder field would then contain %T1%\%T2% for either environment.

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Many thanks. I had just assumed when I saw "browse", that string variable substitution was not available in that command. My mistake...


I'll change all the macros to incorporate the approach you suggest. Probably a case should have studied the manual first.





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