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Syncing a macro file (common macros) across computers


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I checked the forum and couldn't find an answer to this sorry if I missed it.


I use several different computers in different places on which I would like to have the same set of macros. As it is right now, every time I create a new macro or modify an old one I have to delete the old version and import the new one on every computer.


Is there any, even remotely feasible way, to have it update a list, so that in a sense the macro list is "in the cloud".


I've tried using a single macro file with Dropbox but that just ended up screwing up every computer because the saves would overlap each other. And in one case erased several hours of work.



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Make sure that File Locking of Macro Files and Automatic Synchronization Update options are enabled. These were off by default in earlier versions of Macro Express.


I hear that some have used Dropbox to share a macro file. I want to try it but haven't yet.


To avoid losing macros you should make sure you have the Automatic backups turned on. Also, more recent versions of Macro Express have improved backup routines.

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