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Hi all,


This is likely a long shot, but maybe someone has run into something similar...


I use ME to test internet surveys. This involves launching firefox, pointing to a URL, and logging in. Once I'm logged in, a new firefox window pops with the questionnaire inside it. This is where I'm having problems.....One of the recent firefox updates must have changed where the text is placed in that popup window....my mouse clicks are now about 1/2 inch too low. It's almost as if the location bar in the popup shrunk or something...Since I've got about 150 macros that do this, I was hoping there was something I could do in firefox settings to fix this....anyone else run into anything along these lines?


thanks in advance.



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Have you experimented with tabbing to the first field rather than clicking in it? That is often a more reliable approach.


Sometimes I have done a combination of the two: click in the upper-left corner of the active window (to give it focus), and then tab to the first field.

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