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I don't know if there is a special "setting" for this?


1. I open macro express from a desktop shortcut to the "mex" file I want to startup with; ""C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\MACEX.Mex"


2. I guess I could turn off "automatic startup with Windows" and use Windows task scheduler for my shortcut if i wanted it to start that way at Windows startup?


Best, Randall

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There is one other technique besides putting a shortcut in the Startup folder to the .mex file that you want to load:


Change the shortcut used to load Macro Express to include the /F<macrofilepath> command line option. For example, if your macro file is stored in c:\Macros\MacEx.mex then you would put /Fc:\Macros\MacEx.mex in the shortcut.


As Randall mentioned, if you use either of these techniques you will want to rename the Macro Express 3 shortcut in your startup folder and disable the Run on Window's Startup option in the preferences. If you do not do this then Macro Express will overwrite the changes you make.

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