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Testing macros with F9

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I've got into the habit of testing my macros from the Script Editor with F9.


But I now suspect that could be responsible for some of the baffling problems I encounter occasionally. Is there any documentation I've missed on the differences to be expected between running with F9 and 'normal' running?


What prompted this today was testing a macro containing

Activate or Launch: Window "Outlook Today - Microsoft Outlook", Program "OUTLOOK.EXE", Parameters ""

Wait for Window Title: Outlook Today - Microsoft Outlook


Using F9, ME Pro does not find the window, yet using Run Macro Now it does.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I don't believe there is any documentation like what you expect. Normally F9 works pretty well for me but once in a while I encounter something like you described and I have to make my own bebug mode.

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