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MEP pops up behind my application

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Quite often, while in the application I'm wanting to start a new macro for, I press

shift/control/alt/x to start MEP, butI hear the "ding" indicating the "Start Capture" dialog loads, but I can't see it. Instead, MEP pops up behind the application I'm using. When I minimize the application I'm using (in this case, WordPerfect) the MEP "Start Capture" screen is visible from the desktop. I need it to be visible in the app I'm using (WordPerfect) not the desktop...else, I'll have to begin the macro by reloading WordPerfect. Is there some setting I can select (like "display MEP always on top") to cause MEP to display the capture dialog while WordPerfect is onscreen? If there is such an option, I haven't found it.

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I discourage the use of the recorder and it's been years since I've used it but I think you would be better off starting the capture from MEP where you can choose the option "Begin Capture Window". But I'm not a very good authority on capture.

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