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So, having a bit of issues using MEX to help interface with our workforce management software. We all use dual monitors but some people utilize their rightmost monitor as their main. This is creating issues with the mouse control capture functionality as I've noticed that any window on the left screen will have a negative X value. Whenever attempting to save a negative X value, it automatically defaults to zero (seems like a pretty silly oversight).


Normally, I wouldn't use the mouse capture in lieu of "Get Control", but the above was forced by yet another dilemma: The window I'm capturing from is a text field in a child window as follows:

<GETCONTROL2P:01:RTA.EXE:Afx:00400000:8:00010013:00000000:00040673Real-Time Adherence004:1MDIClient1Afx:00400000:b:00010013:00000006:005006A51#327709Static>


The problem is, we often open multiple instances of this particular child as it lists each employee we click on in a seperate child window. Because the control information doesn't appear to change from one employee's child window to the next, it always captures the first open window instead of the most recent. Since these windows open atop one another and are closed in succession after interacting with them, the mouse capture works well enough for this task.


But again, with no negative value support for the X value, mouse capture would force users to use the left monitor as their primary.


Is there any plausible solution to this headache?

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This is a known problem and it even affects scripting languages like autohotkey. The obvious workaround is to make the leftmost monitor the main. If your user is not willing to do this, another solution might be to temporarily move the window to the main monitor, perform the needed operations, then move it back to the secondary.

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