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Please fix the non-scalable fonts - They are way too tiny!


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Sometimes things get better with newer versions and sometimes they get worse.


One thing that is much worse with is the 'hard-coded' tiny fonts in the action list and the tiny toolbar icons.


Elsewhere, MEX properly uses scalable fonts, but here they went very wrong from the prior


Not everyone is on a low-res or huge monitor. I don't know how to say this any clearer than that. On my 1680x1050 monitor these rediculously tiny UNADJUSTABLE fonts ruin the experience.


Am I supposed to increase my eyeglass prescription just to read MacroExpress? Please, if you don't understand what 'scalable fonts' means, please google it and you will learn a valuable lesson.


For me, I'm going back to and not updating until this bad-customer-experience issue is corrected.


You have an excellent product! Please don't diminish it with useless tiny non-scalable fonts!


Thank you.


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