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Odd program behavior

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I'm using mepro with Paradox database. I doubt the problem is with Paradox, but here's the situation:


For some reason, mepro will execute a macro I wrote to bring up a Paradox report, but it will execute it only once. If I go back into the editor and allow the macro tester to run it, it will run just fine...multiple times. But, when I go back to paradox and press the hot key, it won't run. Now, if I delete the macro, then use shift/control/alt/x to turn on the recorder, I can record the same macro by using the mouse instead of issuing the commands via script. Then, the macro runs just fine. It's not a timing issue...the command version will run just fine...once. I've set it up with a 3 second delay between each command, but it will still run only once.

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