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This macro facilitates editing, comparing, and cut/paste work between windows.


It switches the active window between always-on-top and not AoT with nothing more than a hotkey (default is

Ctrl+Alt+T, change if desired). Multiple windows can be toggled always on top simultaneously, and no background processes are left running.


The macro uses Topmost Toggle (scroll to bottom of page) which launches instantly, then does a Ctrl+rightclick on the active window's title bar to toggle it, flashes a confirmation, kills Topmost Toggle, and returns the mouse to its original position.


Functionality for Windows Explorer was removed at the latest (1.8) revision of TT, so here's the 1.7 version that works with Explorer.



The macro has no delays, waits, or speed adjustments, and I've had no problems; keep this in mind as you may need to add a delay or two if it glitches.


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