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ME to copy different amount of numbers


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I've over 1000 pages that i need to copy 1 bit of text from the source code of.. and i want to write a marco for it.


I've all the URL's in a spread sheet.


getting them to open in browser is fine... then i can use CTRL+U to open the source.


Each webpage has a page ID it's in the source code as

class="pg-1" or "class="pg-5845" just because I've 1000 pages it's not from 1 - 1000 .. some page ID's are like 123532543 etc.


I can get the macro to find class="pg- and then the tricky part. How can i get the macro to find the numbers and know how many there are.. sometimes there will be 1 or 2 and then there will be 9 or 10.


the good thing is there is a " after the numbers.. So there might be a way to tell the marco to stop or something.. I'm not sure to be honest.


Does anyone have any ideas ?



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The way I would tackle this is to copy of the original information to a new variable, use the "Variable Set Integer from Position of Text" command to find the needed tag, then use the "Variable Modify String: Copy Part of" command to copy or delete parts of the original source information as needed. Repeat the steps with different tags.


Eventually you may wind up with a string that contains both letters and numbers. You can loop through that string one character at a time and copy out only the numbers.

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