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Just recently purchased Macro Express, we currently have it on around 100 computers and the only use we need it for is switching between windows and copy/paste.


Me and another colleague have been working on it for months trying to make it as foolproof as possible for the end user. We finally thought we had it, it worked prefectly on a few machines so we deployed it across all and when it come to using the macro there were no end of problems.


They all seemed to be erratic, mostly either copy/paste wasn't working or the windows not switching.


Now the previous machines we tested it on do not work either. Could this a be a timing issue, would it be wise to add delays to the windows switching & copy/paste?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I have written clipboard copy and clipboard paste macros that had to be foolproof for end users.

Here's pseudo-code for what I did in version 3 of Macro Express:

clipboard copy
 set clipboard to an empty string (faster than the clipboard empty command)
repeat 10 times
  either save (shared) specified variable to the clipboard, or clipboard copy
  read clipboard into variable
  if successful, exit, else delay 100ms

clipboard paste
 repeat 10 times
read clipboard into variable
if successful, exit, else delay 100ms

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