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Restoring macro categories?

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Hi guys,


I made a huge mistake and deleted a whole category of macros when I was trying to delete an individual macro. I don't see the category or the individual macros that were in it in the MacEx Recycle Bin. I tried looking for backup files because I had it set to save 5 backups, but in the preferences for backups, it was set to backup to a specific location with no location specified. I don't know how that setting happened, because I used to have backup files.


Anyway, I couldn't find any backups other than the ones I did manually a couple months ago. I don't know what changes I've made over the last couple months, but I'd prefer to restore the macros I just deleted today if possible. Do I have any hope of this?

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If no location is specified it might back up to someplace by default. Root of C, Program Files folder, Application Data folder under the user profile are a few I can think of. You might make a temp macro file ith a differnt name and manually fire teh backup and see where it goes. Also with no path selected click the browse button and see where the folder chooser dialog defaults to and check there. Also ask ISS if they know where they might go if no location is specified.


Other than finding a backup copy I see no way of determining what your old categories may be.


And you're sure you don't have any backups running on your computer? Not Carbonite or anything that have look back?

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There are no other 3rd party backup programs such as Carbonite running on this machine.


I did find a macex backup copy for this morning. Oddly enough, when I changed the setting back to "Backup to the same folder as the macro file" I found backups. My guess is that it does backup to the same folder as the macro file unless you specify a path, even if you have the setting set to "Backup to a specific path."


Anyway, I am breathing sighs of relief right now. :)

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