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Macro Express Pro v is now available. This version a few enhancements and changes to improve stability. Additional changes include:

  • The Sound File command dialog in the Script Editor now displays a list of system sounds that can be used with this command.
  • When in the Sound File dialog in the Script Editor, clicking on the Test button displays an error if the specified .wav file does not exist.
  • To reset a macro's icon to the default delete the file path in the Change Icon dialog of the Script Editor.
  • Changes to the width of the Category column in the Explorer are now saved and restored.
  • Fixed a problem, only in version, with text type of keypad numbers.
  • Fixed a problem, only in version, with the Mouse Move to Tray Icon command browsing for system tray icons.
  • Fixed a problem where a password set in the Security Tab was not always saved when the macro was saved.
  • Fixed a problem with the backup every xx days at Program Start option.
  • Fixed a problem where the portable version was not remembering the license when used with remote desktop connection.

For a complete list of changes see the Macro Express Pro v Release Notes. Download Macro Express Pro from the Macro Express download page.


The Macro Express News - December 13, 2012 contains more information along with tips and sample macros.

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When you purchased Macro Express Pro Portable you were sent an email with the link to download the program. Visit that page for the most current version.


If you no longer have that email, from within Macro Express Pro Portable click Help, Check for Updates. If a newer version is available there will be a link to Download portable version.

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