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Can ME copy an image .. rename is and move to a different folder


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Before i start trying to make this macro i need to know if it's possible.


At the moment i have it taking 1 images, Duplicating it 25 times and renaming each one and moving to the next.


The image is named nearly the same only 2 letters at the start









DE -Imagename-Image.jpg


and so on,, They are country codes.


Each of these images much go into there country folders on the server,


so the AR-Imagename-Image.jpg would need to be moved to \server\web\com\public\AR\images\folder\ etc ( note these folders are on my PC and ME wouldn't have to connect to a Server or FTP .. just normal folders on a PC )


these are just samples names but its the same thing that i need.


So can ME do something like this ?




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Use "Repeat with Folder" to get each file name.


If necessary use "Variable Set From File Path" to separate the file name and extension from the full path of the file.


Use "Variable Modify String: Copy Part of %T1% to %T2%" to copy the first two characters from the file name to another variable.


Use the "Copy File or Files: " command with something like this "\server\web\com\public\%T2%\images\folder\" for the new name.


Like this:

Repeat with Folder
 Variable Set From File Path
 Variable Modify String: Copy Part of %T1% to %T2%
 Copy File or Files: "%T1%"
Repeat End

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