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read a bare website into variable

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Hi guys,

I need to read the contents of a mysql database field. It is remote and I have total access to it so can write a php program to simply output the text to a bare html page. I can enclose it with whatever I need to make it easier for ME.

I want to take that string field and input it into a ME variable so I can texttype it.

The webpage will not be previously loaded. I need to load IE first then read the only data on the page into a ME text variable. Then close IE.



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This should work as long as a field is not focused, in which case it is the field that is selected and copied rather than the page.


Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <CONTROL>a // Select all
Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <CONTROL>c // Copy to clipboard
Variable Set String %Clip% from the clipboard contents

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You might be thinking there's a way to invisibly grab the contents but no such way. You need to use the WebPage command and do as Alan describes above. I often had to do this a great deal and opted instead to use a VBScript in the External Command command to grab a webpage's HTML contents and parse what I needed. I think I posted an example someplace here on the forum of one that downloads the entire contents of the page to a file which you can then load into a variable but in this case I'd rather return the desired text to the console which you could then read directly into a variable. If you are interested please let me know and I'll make you one. In fact I've been meaning to make a general purpose script to do a simple HTTP GET of the contents of a webpage from a given URL.

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