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Wait for a specific right click menu to disappear/close?

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I can't think of a simple, straightforward, or programmatic way to do this reliably. You might have to settle for a fixed time delay.


There may be complex, convoluted, and non-programmatic ways to detect when a menu disappears. But there may be a point of diminishing returns. Is it worthwhile to spend, say, 10 hours, to develop a workaround? (The answer may be "yes" if doing so improves your comfort and deepens your understanding of macro scripting.)


Time delays are not pretty, but get the job done.

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I am not able to replicate the problem. This MEP script waits for to a left click, and signals when it has happened. Then it does the same thing for a right click.


Wait for Left Mouse Click
Text Box Display: Left Mouse Click detected
Wait for Right Mouse Click
Text Box Display: Right Mouse Click detected
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