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Alright, so I've never used a program like this before, but I have searched and read through the tutorial and quick start guide that came with Me. I also searched the forum here to no avail. I can't find just what I want to do with this program, so any other webpages/tutorials or just an explaination of how I could set things up would be greatly appriciated. Like I said, I've never used any thing like this program before, so excuse me if I use a few terms wrong or don't exactly explain things as someone else may.


At this point, all I want to be able to do is have a few automated keystrokes I can use at different times on different webpages using hotkeys. If I could also get the program to scroll down to the bottom of the page after these keystrokes are logged, that would be great too. In short, I want to be able to enter keystrokes in text fields as quickly as possible and submit them as quickly as possible.

I've tried using the "Capture" and "Quick Wizard" features on the program, but maybe I'm doing something wrong, as they have yet to work.



Thank you.

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Welcome to the group jxt!


Working with a web page is fairly straight forward. Your best friend will be the Text Type command. Use it to emulate your keyboard.


The key to working with web pages is to always start from the same place. I always start from the address bar. if you are using IE typing Ctrl+D after the web page is launched will place the cursor there. Then it is just a simple matter of counting the <tab>s needed to get to the first input field, filling it in, and then tabbing to the next field, and so forth. All of this is done using the Text Type command.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Joe.

I took a look at a few of the example macro's and worked my way from there. It took a good hour or so of messing around with some settings but I'm getting the hang of it...kind of.

I'm on firefox, but after a few times using the macro I made, Internet Explorer opens up, my firewall asks to connect to wintools.com, a little pop-up comes up with *PIL* in it, IE force closes itself, as does Macro Express. Any idea how to fix this?

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Well, the only time the *PIL* message occurs is when an illegal name and code is used to license Macro Express. To correct this, you must purchase a valid license from the Macro Express web site. Here is the link.

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