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Copy And Paste Multiple Lines Of A Text File


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Hi all,


I am new to the whole macro world and in fact I have only been using the software for a day or so but I have made some fairly amazing macros using the software. I have made a auto log in for any employee who has a USB Flash Drive. But that is not what I have the question about.


I am trying to make my job more automated because most of my job requires repetative data inputs.


So here is the question.


How do I get the macros to read a file with multiple lines of numbers and copy the first line to the clipboard then after it copies to the desired file it will return to the original file and copy the next line and so on until there are no more lines to copy of the original file?


Remember I am very new at all of this so my knowlege of all the code is very basic. I have read the forums and I either did not see anything that resembled my request or I didnt understand it. Any help would be awesome. thanks.

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Welcome Fikus!


There is a fantastic tutorial that is available in ME that will show you how to do exactly this. Go to the Help file in ME. Click on the Contents Tab. Then expand the Tutorial file. Go down to "Advanced - Copy and Paste Routine". This sounds to be exactly what you are looking for. If you have any questions or if this does not make it clear... please post back!

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I think this is worth saying.. I was making the macros far more hard then they need to be.


Using my programming history with java and such I was trying to find a way to read the file insted of using simple <SHIFT><END> and <HOME><DOWN> sort of keys. For anyone who is having a hard time with macros I strongly recomend just forgetting all previous knowledge and think simple.

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